Alive Again

David Starr
David Starr


This song was written in the early '90's while I was living in Little Rock, Arkansas. It originally appeared on my first solo CD Broken 9.

After all this time, I think it best sums up where I am at this stage of my life. I am grateful for family, friends and a great view up in the Rockies. I feel alive again!



Alive Again 

You’ve got that look in your eyes

Like all your time and luck have finally run out

A sad, sad past and a hundred second tries

Darlin’, I know what you’re talking about

But the night will fall and the heart will call

And I will hold you close

    And make you feel alive again

     I’ll make you feel alive again

    Gonna leave behind this world then

    Come redemption or sin

    We’re gonna  feel alive again


Sometimes the heart makes the slightest mistake

And the walls seem to come tumbling down

How much time how long will it take

To pull your love out of the lost and found

These hearts are on loan and there’s nobody home

Take my hand and you’ll see

    I’ll make you feel alive again

    I’ll make you feel alive again

    Gonna leave behind the world and then

    Come redemption or sin

    We’re gonna feel alive again


Don’t worry ‘bout the sunrise baby

Don’t’ worry ‘bout the past

Close your eyes and maybe just maybe

This night and this fire and this passion will last


These nights in July oh, how they fly just passing time

Baby, there’s no need to cry, this love is yours this love is mine

Surrender your will and the time will stand still

I’m gonna make you mine


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